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4 reasons why you should invest in Offboarding

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A well decorated desk, a bowl filled with the preferred candy. There are a lot of examples on how to welcome and celebrate the arrival of a new employee. And by now, we are also well aware the effect a good onboarding has on the happiness and long-term commitment among new recruits.

But If you stop and think… what process have you established for the event that an employee decides to hand in their resignation?

Often offboarding is an overlooked part of your employee experience. This has its risks and downsides. You vastly increase the risk of failing in complying with laws and regulations. You may cause negative goodwill among former hires, and you may underprioritize the importance of knowledge/responsibility transfer as well as asset collection and revoking of adequate licenses.

There are a lot of positives by standardizing your offboarding program. Here are the four biggest advantages that we see:

1. Assemble a force of brand ambassadors

What better ambassador can one find than a person who has seen a company from the inside? As you send your talent off towards new challenges, keep in mind that they can still be advocates in sharing your story with various stakeholders.

Think of your departing talent as customers and ask yourself what you need to do to inspire them to keep being good ambassadors for your company?

2. Former employees can help you attract new talent

One specific area where you want previous employees to act as brand ambassadors is towards their respective networks of talent. I think we all share the experience that applicants that come through referral programs tend to outperform applicants that have no previous connection to the company. This fact does not change just because the person giving the referral is a previous employee. Essentially, making sure you end the relationship with current employees in a good way increases the chances that they´ll encourage others to join your company.

3. Increase the odds of attracting boomerang employees

The phrase “boomerang employee” refers to the occurrence when a departed talent chooses to return to your company at a future point in time.

We can think of a lot of benefits related to returning talent. First of all, they hit the ground running as it relates to the ins and outs of your company and the sector in which you act. Secondly, they are very easy to onboard and they have the ability to match the skills they’ve accumulated during their time outside of your company with the understanding of how to get things done within your company.

Treated right, the boomerang employee can be a key contributor for your company!

4. Take every opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses

We hope you represent a company that holds employee experience in high regard. We hope you represent a company that walks the extra mile to offer a top of class work environment. However, there is always room for improvement and offboarding should be seen as a vehicle through which you gain insight into areas for improvement.

Employee feedback in this context is best gathered and understood through exit surveys. Done right, these can assist all levels of your company to better grasp the negative trends that are prevailing in the company. So make sure to do the exit surveys and interviews and turn the information you extract from these to actions towards improving your company culture and offboarding process.

Next steps

You´ve read this far, maybe you are warming up to the idea of formalizing a strategic off boarding program?. This would make us happy, so we are going to share with you our best advice on how to get started:

  1. Identify administrative tasks. (resignation forms, collecting badges, hardware, revoking software licenses etc)
  2. Identify strategic tasks. (defining a streamlined and consistent experience, deciding on a way to collecting feedback and conducting the exit interviews etc).
  3. Make sure that there is a clear offboarding checklist available to everybody that needs it. ( HR, Direct managers, IT Staff and the exiting employee)

Offboarding, if done right will come to benefit your entire organization for years to come. And who knows, maybe there is a way to find a use for flowers and that bowl of the favourite candy in offboarding as well. Read more about why employee offboarding is mission critical in our post here.

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Vedran Ismaili Founder & CEO - chatbot builder, optimist and rookie skateboarder.