Vedran Ismaili

  Founder & CEO - chatbot builder, optimist and rookie skateboarder.


9 Stories by Vedran Ismaili

How Thinkific delivers an outstanding onboarding

Learn more how other companies deliver an outstanding onboarding with examples from Thinkific.
1 min read

How to be a great employer to work for

How do you become a great employer to work for? With new generations entering the workforce, higher competition we share free things you can...
3 min read

How HR needs to change

It is evident that we are seeing a big shift in how we manage our people. With the increasing pressure to work data-driven. HR...
4 min read

5 Steps to create a more successful team

Creating a high performing team time takes a dedication and hard work. Below are 5 tips to help you build a more successful team.
3 min read

How to pick your investors as a first time founder

As a first-time founder raising capital can be a daunting task, so what should you keep in mind when raising seed money? Read more...
4 min read

How to act on employee feedback?

Acting on employee feedback doesn't need to be complex or require a lot of time. There are a few simple steps you can take...
3 min read

How to scale culture through hyper growth?

How do you scale your culture as you grow? Culture is competitive differentiation but maintaining it isn't always easy.
2 min read

Is human resources going to be automated away?

Automation offers HR the possibility to spend less time with admin but will it also mean HR professionals run the risk of being automated...
2 min read

6 Questions you should ask yourself before building a feature

Knowing what features to build and how to prioritise is difficult, here is how we think about feature and product development at Hi Henry.
3 min read