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The best employee welcome kits

Time to step up your welcome kit for new employees? In this article we went looking for some of the the best onboarding kits...
2 min read

How to Onboard a Remote Employee

Onboarding new hires is increasingly important in the workplace – from the hottest startups to more established companies, everyone is talking about it! The...
3 min read

6 Reasons Onboarding Is Broken

You finally signed the contract with just the right person, happy days! Both you and the new hire are ecstatic, eagerly awaiting their first...
4 min read

4 reasons why you should invest in Offboarding

Often offboarding is an overlooked part of your employee experience. This has its risks and downsides.
2 min read

Why Employee Offboarding is Mission Critical

A effective offboarding process is essential for any organization. Offboarding isn't only about a good send-off, it's as much about security and compliance.
1 min read

How Thinkific delivers an outstanding onboarding

Learn more how other companies deliver an outstanding onboarding with examples from Thinkific.
1 min read

How to be a great employer to work for

How do you become a great employer to work for? With new generations entering the workforce, higher competition we share free things you can...
3 min read

How to Pre-board your employees like a pro

Having a pre-boarding program can increase engagement, retention as well as shorten time to productivity, while helping a new hire to genuinely feel welcome
3 min read

Henry Talks Episode 2 – Company culture with Leila Ljungberg

In this episode we talk about company culture. Why is it important, when should you as a founder focus on it and what do...
6 min read

After the first week – Employee Onboarding

A great employee onboarding's doesn't end after 7 days. To give employees the best possible start their onboarding needs to focus on their first...
2 min read