Henry Talks Episode 2 – Company culture with Leila…

In this episode we talk about company culture. Why is it important, when should you as a founder focus on it and what do...
Vedran Ismaili
6 min read

How to pick your investors as a first time…

As a first-time founder raising capital can be a daunting task, so what should you keep in mind when raising seed money? Read more...
Vedran Ismaili
4 min read

How to scale culture through hyper growth?

How do you scale your culture as you grow? Culture is competitive differentiation but maintaining it isn't always easy.
Vedran Ismaili
2 min read

6 Questions you should ask yourself before building a feature

Knowing what features to build and how to prioritise is difficult, here is how we think about feature and product development at Hi Henry.
Vedran Ismaili
3 min read