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How Thinkific delivers an outstanding onboarding

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A leading company which offers other organisations the platform, technology and means to easily and simply create online courses for educational purposes, Thinkific also take things to the next level, but balance it with the simpler things in life when it comes to onboarding. Here’s how:

✅ Lunching and donut dates: A firm believer in pairing up ‘buddies’, Thinkific don’t want their employees to be siloed into immediate teams. To encourage further networking and cross-functional relationships, this initiative of ‘random pairing’ or assigning buddies to instil confidence, courage and simply a way for people to feel welcome within the company, have someone to go for coffee with, learn, ask questions, get mentored and more. It has led to improved connections, greater awareness and diversity.

✅ Shadowing and buddies: A ‘walk around the block’ with a paired Buddy or Mentor, who provides ‘judgement free guidance’ can go a million miles for productivity and satisfaction. Similarly to the lunching and donut dates, a new hire can feel overwhelmed and that there is A LOT to learn about a company, so Thinkific introduces them to a different team-lead each day during their first week. This reduces the length of time for them ‘to figure things out’ and have a go-to-resource for any questions, as well as alleviating stress and allowing them to make friends as well as colleagues.

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✅Stand-ups and newsletters: team-wide stand ups are a must for this team as it allows them to ‘ring their celebratory gong’ and welcome them to the team. They are also included as part of a newsletter with ice-breaker questions. It helps them feel important and welcomed as well as giving them exposure.

✅Decked Desked out: Physical environments are equally important as internal Orientation. Why do you think some leading hospitals invest heavily in interior redesign for their staff and patients? It helps the surroundings become more pleasant, less clinical and this makes them feel much more like an individual receiving a more personal service, as well as improved healing capabilities.

The same applies to office space- the right environment can encourage improved productivity, satisfaction and creativity. At Thinkific, they send out a survey to see how they want their desk set-up and what equipment they need, so their desk is prepared along with a welcome package that includes company swag and their favourite treats. They also have a notebook signed by the entire company with welcome messages. They don’t assume what employees need and it helps employees feel like they’re properly taken care of.

Vedran Ismaili Founder & CEO - chatbot builder, optimist and rookie skateboarder.

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