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How MailChimp delivers an outstanding employee onboarding

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Ever wondered what a good employee onboarding program looks like?

Already, we published some best practices and onboarding tips here, but don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve therefor put together some of the most successful onboarding programs from leading companies across the globe. First out in our mini-series is….. MailChimp!

MailChimp – Full Culture Emersion

Without a doubt, Mailchimp, is probably one of the most adopted tools used across businesses for its newsletter capabilities. It has matured into a leading Marketing Automation Platform that serves millions of customers. Having grown from 200 employees in 2013 to 700+ employees, 5 years later, they realised to sustain its business for those millions of customers, investment into HR, Culture and its employees were necessary; and they even hired their own ‘New-hire Ambassador’.

Rather than default to an office tour, a new start lunch and stuff paperwork on Day 1 to an employee, they realised the haphazard error of their ways, the potential costs of not onboarding properly, and needed to improve.

By letting the numbers speak, their new and improved program paid off in boosting success across the company earning high marks from employees who’ve been through it, and their turnover rate is only 4%.

What did Mailchimp decide to change and do right for a better onboarding program?

✅ Get them acquainted before they start: Mailchimp sends every new start a detailed email of what their first day will be like so they know exactly what to expect.

✅ They automate and follow up: After the first email, they kick-off an automation series. They don’t leave an employee hanging after Email 01. Information such as schedules, benefits, policies etc are included in these emails.

✅ Frequency and conscise-ness is key: weekly emails were sent for consistency, but also broken up to avoid the employee being overwhelmed.

✅ Managerial collaboration: HR made it imperative to work with managers to ensure new hires understand team-specific skills and processes. So the key is to get relevant manager input into your onboarding messages.

Employee Onboarding -

✅ Making it light: Keeping it professional is important but life is about balance and you’re hiring a human, not a robot. So Mailchimp make it fun for their employees and include departmental overviews, team lunches, mailchimp swag bags (yes you read that right…), bootcamps and have ‘chimpanions’ mentor ‘newbies’ where the new start is paired with a seasoned employee from a different department. It’s the best way for learning. But see how they inject ‘fun’ and excitement into their program?

✅ Variety is key: Apart from receiving emails, they make it interactive with physical workshops and overviews, but also created in-depth app training. This offers variety for employees to consume information and knowledge in different ways. And it is an opportunity for them to learn with all senses being stimulated and employees being fully immersed. This way, they don’t just have to read and sign paperwork!

Employee Onboarding HiHenry

If you are looking for more inspiration we will shortly publish other inspiring cases. And if you are looking for r a new hire checklist we got you covered. Read more about our comprehensive new hire checklist here

Vedran Ismaili Founder & CEO - chatbot builder, optimist and rookie skateboarder.

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