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Why Employee Offboarding is Mission Critical

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Having an employee leave the organisation is a big transition and it isn’t as simple as wishing the employee good luck in their future endeavours. From gathering their hardware to all the paperwork the process takes time and it’s important to get right for reasons we will talk more about in this guide.

Did you know that the number of organizations that currently have a formal offboarding program in place is only around 29%

A good and effective offboarding process is essential for any organization regardless of size. Offboarding is not only about making sure that an ex-employee is given a good send-off, it is as much about security and compliance. So why should you invest in a good offboarding experience? Because:

People and relationships matter

People are the backbone of any company and it is very much due to their contributions a company is able to achieve it’s objectives. While a departing employee may seem like less of a priority, how you offboard them will very much impact their perception of the organisation and the time they have spent there. A bad offboarding is very likely to impact their likeliness of recommending the company to other interested parties.

Saves times and increase productivity

A well designed offboarding process will make offboarding an employees much smoother for everyone from HR to the ex-employees closest manager. A good process will streamline the tasks that need to be completed and make the offboarding efficient and secure. In any offboarding process, it is also essential to take into account the knowledge transfer that needs to happen.

Security is essential

Security is an important part of any offboarding. No company can risk customer data leaks or security breaches. A well-designed offboarding process is one of the best ways to avoid potential security risks.

Many companies struggle with this and one-third of all companies have already experienced an insider threat incident according to a recent SANS report. With a good offboarding process you can dramatically decrease the odds of previous employees having access to sensitive information and systems.

According to an Intermedia and Osterman Research report, 89% of ex-employees retain access to email accounts, Salesforce, SharePoint, and other sensitive corporate applications, including some applications not often considered sensitive but that have the potential to damage a company’s brand (Facebook) or bank account (PayPal). And 49% actually log into an account after leaving the company.

Compliance Matters

Regardless of company size, compliance is an essential part of making sure a company runs smoothly. By setting up good offboarding process you can make sure that all steps are followed and all things are done correctly according to the rule book. The best way to mitigate any risks is to make sure that everything is wrapped up at the same time the employee departs.

Illustration by: Meg Robichaud

Vedran Ismaili Founder & CEO - chatbot builder, optimist and rookie skateboarder.

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