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We want you to write for the Hi Henry Blog

If you have insights on onboarding, employee engagement, leadership and /or other topics you may think are relevant for our audience.

Questions to ask yourself before

Before you get started on your article, ask yourself the following questions. They’ll help you clarify why you’re writing it and how you’ll write it.

1. Who’s your audience?

We publish content for leaders, HR-professionals and entrepreneurs who lead teams and companies. Your post should appeal and speak directly to one or more of these audiences.

2. What will readers get out of your article?

We publish content that’s useful and/or inspiring. Ideally both. If your article doesn’t educate or inspire creative pros, it’s not for us.

3. Why should they read it?

This is similar to point 2, but should provide context for what your article teaches. So if your takeaway is “how increase employee engagement” your “why” could be “because employee engagement is vital for a companies success, and leaders need to make sure people thrive due to the war for talent”

Note that a handy resource can be a great incentive, so if you have a template for “How to Onboard more efficently” include it!

4. How will readers act on your article?

What will readers do with what you teach them? How will they put your tips into action, and what are some ways for them to do this?

Ready to submit?

Awesome! Just fill out this form and include a link to your draft in a Google Doc. Don’t forget to change the permissions, please!